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Old Parking Meters
24 Jan

The Best Free Parking Near the Beach in Wildwood, NJ

One of the biggest potential headaches beach-lovers face when heading to the Jersey Shore can be the battle to find decent places to park, hopefully without spending a fortune! As one of TripAdvisor’s best oceanfront hotels in Wildwood, NJ, Armada By-The-Sea has the inside scoop on all things Wildwood, and we’re committed to helping everyone have the best possible experience at our beloved beaches. And while there is ample available parking throughout Wildwood, NJ, including metered parking and several parking lots both near and far from the beach, it’s the free spots that everyone clamors for. So we want to help you plan the perfect summer getaway by pointing you to all the free parking available in Wildwood, NJ!


Where to Get Free Parking in Wildwood, NJ

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about parking for additional cars while vacationing at our motel. We are pleased to tell guests that there is ample free parking, beginning just one short block away from the Armada. Beginning on Atlantic Avenue, there is free parking all the way to the bay. Be sure to grab a spot early, especially on the weekend.

The Wildwoods in general offer many free parking opportunities, though admittedly, some require some extra walking, since the spaces nearest the beach are usually metered or in paid lots. However, if you do not mind a little walk, you’ll be rewarded with great parking spots that won’t cost you a dime. Arrive as early as possible to get the best spots.

This map was courteously created by Wildwood Insider and is accompanied by the following legend:

Red: Metered parking only.
Green: Free parking available.
Yellow: Some free parking available.
Brown: No parking.

To filter out “no parking” and “metered parking only,” click this link and check only the green and yellow markers.

For Free Parking in Wildwood, NJ, Stay Southwest of 25th and New Jersey Avenues

From Rio Grande Avenue to 25th Avenue, free parking is best as it is a short walk to the boardwalk, the Convention Center, and Morey’s Piers.

Southwest of Rio Grande Avenue (towards Wildwood Crest, where Armada By-The-Sea is located), there are still free parking spots, but the walk is a little bit longer. This is why we encourage you to come down to Wildwood early in the morning to get the best parking spots!

Park free at the Armada By-The-Sea!

Every one of Armada’s rooms include a free off-street parking space, and our F & F+ rooms include 2 slots. Why not save yourself from the hassles of car-jockeying and gear-lugging, and spend a few days at our affordable, beachfront motel! While your car is enjoying its dedicated spot, you can be enjoying our oceanfront view, pool, famous “sugar sand” beaches, historical family-fun boardwalk, and beautiful sights. Contact us for more information.

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